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jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Ningyo english

Lyrics&Music: Masshiro

Placing her unfulfilled wishes
Singing voice resounds in the distance

Going towards the cracked sea of moonlit night
Mermaid has buried her wishes

With the sound of the rolling waves
Embracing the sadness

The true is ephemeral anytime
Brings along farewells
This heart is searching for a place
Calling, over and over, to you

Not knowing they aren't tied to the fate
Floating flowers have withered completely
Singing voice suddenly interrupted the silence swirl

With tears overflowing
The blurred sky is beautifully
Falling me in the revived memories
Time can't return never ever

Being deeply swallowed everywhere
She can't even breath
Finally her eyes have been closed slowly
Inside the sea, as foam, has disappeared

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