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domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

Ohimesama no Akai Bara english translation

[Welcome to the story of the red rose]

In faraway land
There´s a tale
Once upon a time
For the princess of the red rose
Over and over
They competed day to day

Anything real had strength
But only a brave hero
Could receive the rose
And be bound to the princess
According to the king´s decree

[This story coming, this story goes]

However, the princess
With empty vision
From the castle window
Looks sadly into the distance
Actually, to the prince of the neighboring country
Where her feelings had been sent
Oh… Poor thing
¡What tragedy!
The story goes on

The days pass by over this competition
Finally, there´s four warriors left:
The soldier of hearts
The gardener of diamonds
The knave of spades
The knight of clubs

And the singing and dancing performances
Added with playing trumpets
Even more than anyone who hoped for the victory,
The king was excited

[This story coming, this story goes]

At that time, the princess
Flees the country
To her beloved prince
She decided to go with her heart
But on the road ahead
There´s a witch living in the forest
If she doesn’t escape, she won´t make it
The climax of the story!

-The witch´s forest-
A mischievous laughing cat
Singing poisonous flowers
She went through the thorns at the witch´s indication
So as not be caught by the rusty chains
Breaking the cursed sky

[This story coming, this story goes]

Soon, the princess
Safely reached
The prince she was aiming for
Red rose in hand
She presented it to him
In the everlasting sky
Numerous fireworks fly up
And with a kiss of promise from the prince
They were betrothed

The end

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