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miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

Paradeis Flyers

Thank you for the present Yuki! *O*

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Mashichanlove dijo...

Ahh! So lucky!! How did you get them?? * O* i only have love on paradeis :I

Majo no Yuutsu x [PaRADEiS] dijo...

My friend from Japan sent me all these flyers as christmas present n_n

Mashichanlove dijo...

Ah your so lucky! I envy you for your amazing blog and dedication to mashiro and paradeis :3 Ahhhhh also your in paradeis world team??? I noticed no one for American, could I possibly represent? * 0*

Mashichanlove dijo...

Ah~ your friend must be really nice, I bet they make your room super pretty :3 you have an amazing blog for mashiro Kun and paradeis! :) ah. Also your part of paradeis world team? I was wondering can I be apart for America?
PS you speak Japanese?? How cool *-* the fact that you aren't Japanese and speak Spanish is a really big win! ( ^ -^ ) sorry for rambling ~ I just admire you, your dedication and support for the band :3

Majo no Yuutsu x [PaRADEiS] dijo...

Hi there!
Oh, don't worry :3
I really apreciate your friendly words and I feel proud you like my blog *-*
Actually I just know a few japanese but I'm studying it day by day.
My tongue mother is spanish but I can speak english too :3

Oh, and also I'm going to send a message to the leader of Paradeis world team to ask for your union and I tell you about the answer later ^^

See ya~

Mashichanlove dijo...

Thank you! Please be well! :3

Majo no Yuutsu x [PaRADEiS] dijo...

You're welcome n_n

I already sent the message.
I'll notify you the answer as soon as I get it ;3

Have a nice day~

Majo no Yuutsu x [PaRADEiS] dijo...

I got the answer.
Well, it seems now I'm the leader :3
So, you're into the Paradeis World Team :D

I'd like get you e-mail address, if it's possible check out my e-mail adress in "Contacto" tab and send me a mail ^^

I have the sense we going to be friends n_n