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lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

Kokoro no hate english translation

The end of the heart
Lyrics&music: Mashiro

Even if I am sunck into sadness
Someday I'll be able to seal my heart
If one day I asked you in favor
Would you care to make my wish?

"With those hands, kill me"

I guess you will say
You didn't say those painful things and you will stay to my side
But I know
Although everything you will make my wish

So, with those hands

Overcome the pain, I want you take off all of me
Even if I were with someone else, nobody else could be my beloved one

It was lie
If it had been what I wanted to think it actually was
Surely you'd also being
Broken completely, shattered completely
Slowly the distance is separating us
All this, forgive me

Before I could notice there wasn't a return way
I got lost in that place, was already impossible to scape
But you will never search here
You will always being in my memories every instant just as if you were here

I remeber nostalgically
That landscape wich slowly disappears
It hurts a little, it turns in sorrow

Even when I'd love being to your side
I already have to go
Before I make we both dissapear

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