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lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

The other side of paradeis english translation

The other side of paradeis
Lyrics & Music: Mashiro

I have every joy and pain.
What will disappear next ?
Among the sun and darkness
The other side of paradeis.

If I noticed that I'm in the other side
Nobody else will be there
The cold inhumanity
Dwells in my feelings

I always tried
To reach out the glorious light
In compensation
I lost something

That ripped me clean the ears of my face
If I close my eyes
I fall to the bottom

Why do the people
hurt each other?
And, why do they
cause sadness?

When I didn't know the answer to it
I just laughed
Now, all those feelings has dissapear
But since when?

Try to take another path it's impossible
Obstacles don't allow it

If at the end I don't get anything
Do I feel relived?

However somewhere in my being
I'm going to continue in faith

There is
The other side of paradeis...

If I fail prematurely
All that will be result
Of my mistakes
So...it doesn't matter

The end will not hurt me
Because fear isn't here anymore
Since I have faith
I guess I just walk

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