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lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Verminous english translation

A slowly, slowly dance
The hateful butterfly flew

Ate the sweet nectar
that among its beautiful wings had

While I...was watching her from below

I crawl between the ground
And my body hasn't wings

I'm of a jerk specie
And grotesque as the caterpillar

But...I had a great idea

If those wings could disappear
You'll also be equally of grotesque

Burning in flames
Crying so disconsolately as she could
Between the fragrance of the sweet flowers
Was screamming the butterfly I saw before
How does it feel to have lost your wings?

A slowly, slowly dance
Vestiges of that day has dissapeared

Your new shape hasn't wings
You look really cool
Identical to a grotesque caterpillar

I'm so happy that I laugh aloud
I enjoy your pitiful shape

I hate that day when I saw you like me
And I can't scape from it
While I become a prisoner of the dark memories of my life
Soon will be the day of your die
So it going to be eternal

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